We're Skipio.
Skipio transforms your business-to-customer communication into person-to-person connections through texting. Our solutions are thoughtfully crafted to personalize your customer relationships and simplify your life. Speak to your customers in the language they are fluent in: Text messaging. We know your business is built from connections, so build the connections that matter.
The Star Mill
A 100-year-old flour mill turned high-tech Skipio HQ.
In 1888, the Star Mill worked to convert grain to flour for Utah Valley. Fit with technology and machinery crafted by the great minds of the industrial revolution, the mill stood as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. 

It’s only right that over a century later, it would be restored into Skipio’s headquarters-- A company whose innovations are transforming business communication forever. 

Today, the magic in the walls still inspire all those working within them, just like they always have.
Skipio's got magic.
A tight-knit group working for so much more than just free lunch. 

Our team of bright minds and strategic thinkers are unified with one goal: to simplify business owners lives. We're always pioneering new ideas because after all, you can’t transform customer communication with a company that does things the way they’ve always been done. We learn our employee’s intrinsic strengths and strategically place them where they can flourish and excel. The result is a collaborative environment that explodes with innovation and ideas.
Weekly visits from life changing friends.
Motivational sessions, life lessons, and a whole lot of fun.  
We keep our circle of friends filled with some of the most powerful mentors and coaches out there. From professional athletes, CEOs, productivity leaders, and more.. you never know who will be walking through the mill doors to join us for Monday morning breakfast. The weekly lessons are sensational, and the French Toast isn't half bad either.  
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